Gun’s N’ Doughnuts

Growing up I had never touched a gun in my life. I remember the very first time I was handed a rife… It was in Marine Corps boot camp while a drill instructor was screaming in my face. Going from never touching even a pistol to shooting an M16 was a little nerve wracking. So, […]

Father by Mail

Growing up without a father was never really on my mind much. The only time I would think of him is the random yearly phone calls I would get. I wasn’t angry or sad that he wasn’t in my life but the one impression he did leave on me was the art he would occasionally […]

A Fatherless Journey

Raised by my mother and grandmother, I never really have a male father figure to ask life’s important questions, such as “How do you throw a football? Do I need lighting fluid to start a campfire? Are you supposed to shave your balls?” Ok, maybe that last one you don’t ask your dad that question, […]

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