Gun’s N’ Doughnuts

Growing up I had never touched a gun in my life. I remember the very first time I was handed a rife… It was in Marine Corps boot camp while a drill instructor was screaming in my face. Going from never touching even a pistol to shooting an M16 was a little nerve wracking. So, in today’s blog I’m going to teach all you fatherless bastards what to do when handed a rifle.

First things first. Remember that serial number better than your social security number recruit! But in everyday civilian life the first thing you’ll want to do when someone hands you any gun is make sure they “clear” it before you even touch the weapon. “Clearing” a weapon means they open the chamber and visually inspect to make sure they aren’t handing you a loaded weapon. Once they inspect it and you are now in possession of the weapon, its your duty to also inspect it yourself! Never take anyone’s word for it. Once you have established that the rifle or pistol or shotgun or grenade… is clear, learn where the safety switch is and never point your weapon at anyone. Keep it pointed toward the ground or if you have steady control keep it pointing down range at all times. If someone yells “FREE DOUGHNUTS!” please for the love of god, don’t turn around while your weapon is still pointing parallel to the ground… *face palm*

When loading ammo remember the tip or “projectile” of the bullet goes forward toward the enemy. I vividly remember my first time loading 5.56 rounds (rifle bullets) into my magazine was extremely scary for me. I was afraid they would go off or blow up if I dropped them but DON’T WORRY! Your ammo will not blow up or go off if you drop your round or even throw it for that matter. So go ahead and wipe away those sweaty palms and be confident when loading your rounds.

Your safety should ALWAYS be on until you are sighted in and ready to pull the trigger. Knowing your target and what lies beyond it should always be on your mind. Now, as much as I would love to write an extensive post with pictures on how to load and aim properly, I don’t want to encourage anyone to go out there and feel like they can shoot after reading this. So, this will only be on safety for now and hopefully give someone a little bit more confidence when taking a lesson from a skilled shooter. Now go out there and sling some led responsibly!

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