Father by Mail

Growing up without a father was never really on my mind much. The only time I would think of him is the random yearly phone calls I would get. I wasn’t angry or sad that he wasn’t in my life but the one impression he did leave on me was the art he would occasionally send. I thought it was so cool how he painted or even how he drew fish by making hundreds of little dots. The older I got the more he just became a stranger to me on the phone, reasons were the lack of phone calls and the major fact that I’ve never even seen him. One year on my birthday, he sent me a long board from Hawaii I was raised in Utah and never tried long boarding before. So, my friends and I used it to ride down the steep hill we lived on while sitting on our butts. It was great fun until that thing got launched into the gutter to never be seen again… Thanks again Dad.

Fathers that are absent in their child’s life can still make a great and positive impact on them. For the longest time I wanted to be an artist just because this random stranger called “Dad” was occasionally sending me drawings in the mail. To this day I like to occasionally longboard because it helps reduce a lot of stress for me. Presumably from the one and only time he sent me a gift that wasn’t his artwork. Although it was short lived and now resides in the gutter system of Ogden Utah, that memory still sticks with me today. I’m no scholar but, I think there’s always something positive to take from a shitty situation.

So, for anyone out there that may own or look at something that reminds them of the one or only time your father did something for you. Let that bring clarity and bliss knowing you can be better than that when your time comes to be there for your child.

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