A Fatherless Journey

Raised by my mother and grandmother, I never really have a male father figure to ask life’s important questions, such as “How do you throw a football? Do I need lighting fluid to start a campfire? Are you supposed to shave your balls?” Ok, maybe that last one you don’t ask your dad that question, but you get the point. I had an awesome mother and grandmother, but they weren’t exactly Tomboys so I couldn’t go to them with those questions. Luckily for me the internet was around in my early teens and I could search for answers like how to tie a tie, what to say to girls and if I eat too many sesame seeds will it grow in my belly?? Don’t get me wrong you can go to mothers or grandmothers with these questions and get solid advice but sometimes its nice as a young impressionable male to get advice from a man who has seen it all.

I wanted to create a place where you could find answers to those questions without a certain agenda, because the internet is a wonderful place but sometimes all they want is your cookies and money. Fatherless Figures is a place where people can just get some solid advice, maybe some bad like trying this new ghost pepper hot sauce and maybe some good… But overall a positive experience where people can learn and grow as individuals. No one is here to sell you their book on the “Top 10 Best Ways to Pick Up Chicks!” or “By Doing This One Trick You Can Increase Your Credit Score Instantly!” Just a group of individuals sharing their life stories and experiences. In the end, if this website could have helped 1 fatherless individual to Not buy that 2009 Ford Mustang with 35% interest, I’ll be happy.

If you would like to join our blog and share a story or advice feel free to send a message to officialfatherlessfigure@gmail.com

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